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11.01 2017

Daisy Bernard has perfectly summarised the ridiculous and often contradictory expectations that women face every day. “Think like a man, act like a boss,” but when we do, we’re accused of being “too difficult” and told to change that approach. It’s obvious when it comes to things like work, relationships and sex, women are faced with dozens of mixed […]

02.02 2016

Mihaela Noroc travels around the globe to photograph the diversity of natural feminine beauty in all kinds of environments and cultures. “I see myself like a very normal woman, with ups and downs. I work hard for my dream, and, by chance, this dream is very appreciated by mass media. But there are millions of […]

06.07 2015

Alexandra Lekias’s work is rich in symbolism and infused with irony. The works draw on dreams, memories and the artist’s personal narrative to explore themes of childhood, sentimental nostalgia and popular culture. A strong sense of the ridiculous and bizarre pervades the black and white ink illustrations, which are illuminated with vivid splashes of oozing […]

24.06 2015

Roberta is an Italian freelance illustrator currently based in Helsinki, Finland. She has been drawing since she was born. She specialises in fashion and editorial illustrations. Roberta’s work features detailed pencil lines in contrast to broad watercolour brushstrokes. The unconventional combination creates a genuine vibe of emotion and femininity. Roberta is also proudly part of […]

20.02 2015

Esra Røise is a Norwegian freelance illustrator based in Oslo.“Inspired by seemingly small unimportant everyday situations, and snapshot photography with their impulsiveness, bad cropping and weird angles. People around her, the fashion industry, music, awkward moments and imperfections.” Her client list includes names like Vogue (China), Stella McCartney, Wallpaper*, Estée Lauder, Levi’s, Nike, GQ and […]

27.01 2015

Marcos Chin is a Canadian illustrator graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design now based in New York where he taught illustration. His work earned him numerous publications in major magazines like Time, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, etc and prestigious awards from The Society of Illustrators New York and LA, Communication […]

05.01 2015

Vienna-based photography studio Staudinger + Franke recently presented beautiful series called simply Barrier. Each piece is a unique portrait of women separated from the observer by a barrier of water. The result is simply amazing.

12.11 2014

Sam Livm is a 22 year young film director currently living in NYC. He loves to take pictures of strangers though as he states, his true passion will always be cinema. He made some amazing women portraits succeding in capturing a youthful energy with a feeling of a warm, endless summer.

20.10 2014

Sean Scheidt, a photographer who works out of Baltimore, New York, and LA, captured the interesting relationships between performers’ onstage personae and their civilian identities.  In his series Burlesque you can see shots of artists in their everyday clothes and after wearing their original burlesque “uniforms”. 

07.10 2014

Impressive photo-realistic paintings by american painter Lee Price. Her artwork is represented from the same angle representing women during her bath while eating..The effect is quite disturbing as you get the impression you’re spying on somebody during intimate moments .