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02.11 2015

A Lebanese self-taught photographer, Lara Zankoul photographs models in stunning environments she has created. Whether they be on land, in the ocean or both, her photographs often tell stories of places long forgotten in a dreams.

08.06 2015

This incredible video shows the moment a world freediving champion jumped into the world’s second deepest underwater sink hole. The dramatic footage shows Guillame Néry standing at the edge before jumping in – all without scuba gear and simply holding his breath. French freediver that specializes in Constant Weight free-diving, exploring Dean’s Blue Hole, one of […]

16.01 2015

Alexander Semenov is not only a russian biologist specialized in squid brains, working at the White Sea Biological Station but also a very gifted photographer  Capturing some of these extraordinary photographs of jellyfish and other wildlife he gives us a glimpse on what’t going on underwater and it seems that this place is full of original underwater beauties.

05.01 2015

Vienna-based photography studio Staudinger + Franke recently presented beautiful series called simply Barrier. Each piece is a unique portrait of women separated from the observer by a barrier of water. The result is simply amazing.

15.10 2014

For Sacha Kalis, the ocean has always been her first home. Born and raised in the Bahamas, Sacha    (“Bahamas Girl”) learned to swim before she could even walk. Her mother is a talented underwater art photographer Elena Kalis. No wonder, the two decided to create their own project. Sacha has the appearance of an […]