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10.05 2016

At just 23 years old, Paris-based photographer and Photoshop artist Vincent Bourilhon is already showing more creative chops than some artists two and three times his age. His striking, surreal Photoshop creations explore the meaning and function of everyday objects in strange new ways. A lightbulb, a book, a hair drier, a matchstick, or even […]

02.06 2015

Andreas Lie merged two unique photographs creating beautiful art by captivating scenes from nature within the bodies of wild animals. As a result snowy mountains and thick forests became the fur of foxes, bears and other animals. Lie comes from Bergen in Norway, no wonder he seems to be inspired by his amazing homeland and manages […]

15.04 2015

German-based graphic designer Matthias Jung creates imaginative houses. These impossible buildings float in the air against the rules of gravity and seem to be a part of a beautiful, yest weird and impossibel dream. The artist himself calls his creations ‘architectural short poems’, that aim to visualize another perspective on how we could see the world […]

12.03 2015

Robert Jahns, also known as Nois7 presents his incredible photographs on Instgram. Jahns creates surreal images full of mystery, nature and beauty. watching them makes you wish all of this could have been real.

08.07 2014

Despite a lack of formal education in photography, it took only accouple of years for  Erik Johnansson to become one of the most recognised masters of photo retouching. Well known for his amazing and unbelievable  landscapes which at the same time seem to be so real.The photographer first develops an idea in his head before he […]