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02.03 2016

While we’re still years away from colonizing distant planets, you can at least start decorating your home like a true explorer. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)  commissioned three posters from Seattle-based design firm, Invisible Creature, that focus on the excitement over space tourism. Visit Mars! See Enceladus! Or get the Grand Tour and see Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus […]

22.06 2015

When Dutch illustrator and graphic designer Remko Heenskerk moved to New York City, he was inspired by the architecture—as many first-timers are. To pay homage, he created a series of iconic prints, featuring his favorite places. With vibrant colors and strong, clean lines, he captures the dynamism of the city’s many buildings and neighborhoods. via: Visual […]

28.04 2015

Kate Jones, graphic designer also known as Mobokeh, drew her inspiration from TV shows. Her geometric portraits include Heisenberg from Breaking Bad, Gollum and Gandalf from The Hobbit, Katniss from Hunger Games, Batman, Black Swan and also James Bond

21.04 2015

“This is your brain on drugs” is a series of minimalist posters imagined by designer Meaghan Li, for a school work in psychology, during her studies. By simple graphic symbols, she managed to represent the symptoms of different drugs such as cocaine, heroin, speed, marijuana and  hallucinatory mushrooms.

14.04 2015

Tracie Ching is a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator working in Washington, D.C. She is most commonly known for her limited edition of silkscreen prints.  These posters if not equally good to the originals, might actually be better.

18.03 2015

German illustrators Julian Rentzsch and Stellavie Design Manufaktur have collaborated to pay tribute to three famous directors Martin Scorsese, David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock and so they created “Movie Director” series. Each of them represents a portrait of  the Director along with parts of his filmography.

24.02 2015

Ira Smolíková created some really interesting posters promoting Pushkin Institute,  famous russian language institute, with the use of Russian matryoshka. It seems that studying Russian language at the Pushkin Institute, will almost turn you into a Russian. Bizzare and interesting idea ;).

23.02 2015

It took Alex Szabo-Haslam at least couple of years to collect quotes from famous people and present them as a “Great Minds” project. Presented in a form of minimalistic white and black posters or colourful cards Alex managed to create a particular collection of wise, inspirational and thought-provoking quotes.

16.09 2014

Vincent Mahe, an illustrator from Paris, recently created series of  illustrations depicting the seven deathly sins in a modern contemporary way. His use of limited colors and negative space are both simple and effective. via: inspirationfeed

31.07 2014

Inspired by common clichés in Hollywood movies, French illustrator Allan Barte has created a marvellous set of prints called Petit Illustre des Cliches Hollywoodiens.