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28.11 2016

From a single stroke starting from the bottom of the sheet, the artist Mark Demsteader gives shape to elegant intriguing feminine figures. Bust of his models is formed by a mix of collage and pastel, making the silhouette gradually appearing, full of depth and relieves and revealing the details of the face as well as very […]

26.10 2016

Working out of Samara, Russia, Kirill Hohlov focuses his talents on fashion and illustration. His appreciation to keeping a close watch on today’s fashionable youth is comfortably apparent in his work and appropriate for the time he’s creating. Beautifully rendered portraits of the style conscious. via: Juxtapoz

02.02 2016
Zrzut ekranu 2016-02-1 o 19.58.24

Maren Klemp is a  fine art photographer living and working in Oslo, Norway. Interested in self portraiture, black and white photography  with the use of vintage photographic equipment .Using both herself and her children as her subjects, her goal is to raise awareness of mental health through her work. “My goal is to raise awareness of mental health through […]

02.02 2016

Mihaela Noroc travels around the globe to photograph the diversity of natural feminine beauty in all kinds of environments and cultures. “I see myself like a very normal woman, with ups and downs. I work hard for my dream, and, by chance, this dream is very appreciated by mass media. But there are millions of […]

17.11 2015

Double exposure portraits by Spanish-based artist Antonio Mora (a.k.a. Mylovt) blend human and nature worlds into surreal hybrid artworks. Mora works with images he’d found browsing through online databases, magazines and blogs, and then fuses them together using skillful photo manipulation techniques.  

18.08 2015

Lovely fashion drawings by Stockholm based illustrator and fashion designer Lisa Billvik. Her images depict almost a surreal world in which different features like patterns and details meets. Everyday objects, elements from nature and animals often accompany the characters in the images. Thin pencil lines, red lips and coloured details combined with pleats, patterns and structure. […]

12.06 2015

Valerie Susik created a series of drawings featuring dogs. She pictured dogs she found on Instagram  delineating their facial features and furry mugs while each illustration playfully interacts with a human subject nearby. The result is quite funny and adorable.

02.06 2015

Troy Brooks is an artist hailing from Toronto, Canada. Brooks is a completely self-taught painter who creates figurative oil on canvas pieces which are strikingly beautiful and haunting at the same time. He explains his paintings as, “An elaborate pageantry of characters observed in allegorical settings. These women play out intimate scenes through a detailed visual […]

14.04 2015
020_Sherlock copia

Take a look at Jose Rodriguez Mota caricatures. His works are full of energetic colors and humour. The artist managed to present celebrities, actors and other well known people in both  simplified and exaggerated way. The result is simply stunning.

18.03 2015

German illustrators Julian Rentzsch and Stellavie Design Manufaktur have collaborated to pay tribute to three famous directors Martin Scorsese, David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock and so they created “Movie Director” series. Each of them represents a portrait of  the Director along with parts of his filmography.