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04.01 2017

By using both mirrors and neons, the Colombian artist Camilo Matiz created double meaning to his works. The messages initially created with light letters take a totally different meaning when reflected. The result is more realistic and less happy version of the first impression. Will you dare to take a look?

01.01 2017

After a 2016 edition photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Pirelli just unveiled its 2017 calendar, entirely composed by pictures of Peter Lindbergh, who already was hired by the brand in 1996 and 2002. On the programme this year, in a superb black and white atmosphere, 14 actresses: Robin Wright, Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman but […]

20.05 2016

German photographer Dirk Weyer takes us deep underwater to discover the fascinating world of Jellyfish. Titled “Medusa”, the series portray these striking luminescent creatures floating in the dark abyss.

19.11 2015

The Moscow Metro was one of the USSR’s most extravagant architectural projects, with stations constructed as luxurious “palaces for the people”. Built under the command of Stalin, the iron-fisted leader ordered the metro’s artists and architects to design a structure that embodied svet (radiance or brilliance) and svetloe budushchee (a radiant future). He directed his […]

02.11 2015

A Lebanese self-taught photographer, Lara Zankoul photographs models in stunning environments she has created. Whether they be on land, in the ocean or both, her photographs often tell stories of places long forgotten in a dreams.

13.07 2015

Photographer Atanas Kutsev and illustrator Tochka have a lot of love for their hometown of Sofia, Bulgaria. On a mission to highlight the beauty and nuisances of their country’s capital, the duo has created a series of photographs of recognizable landmarks with adorably mischievous monsters. via: HWTF

26.05 2015

Katharina Jung from Germany is into photography for only about a year but she’s produces amazingly beautiful and thought-provoking images in a short span of time. Her imagination is extraordinary and she has been improving herself a lot with each her upload. Katharina is revealing the inner voices of her heart through her photos set in […]

25.05 2015

Photographer Troy Moth  spent the first few years of life living in a tent in a remote tree-planting camp on the West Coast of Canada. He loved the wild and abundant nature and after some time decided to pursue a career in photography. No wonder his “Animal Works” series are dedicated to the wonderful world of nature […]

26.03 2015

Photographs by Alexandre Deschaumes are an example of exquisite mountain portraits revealing beauty and immensity of nature. Capturing the most beautiful landscapes in the world he manages to bring us into ethereal world of French Alps, Patagonia and Iceland.


Ballet lesson

Hypnotic and elegant to watch, ballet is a fascinating art that many of us would love to explore, one way or another. It was four years ago that young Russian dancer Darian Volkova picked up photography as a hobby, and one year ago that she started exploring her profession through the camera lens. The unique and ever-growing […]