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20.05 2016

Patagonia Dreaming is one the last places visited by this talented photographer  Andy Lee definetely knows how to take a picture of the most beautiful places on earth. We’ve just seen his previous series from Iceland as well as Pembrokeshire landscapes and there he is, with his new majestic photos from his latest journey.

22.02 2016

Portuguese photographer Andre Vicente Goncalves has always been obsessed with windows and how a simple strip of glass can make people feel safer, more secure. There is also something intriguing to him about the style of windows, which have grown considerably since the first “hole in the wall” that passed as a window. Goncalves decided […]

05.01 2016

Nick Sullivan  is the fashion editor at Esquire Magazine, but his Instagram is loaded with these incredible past/present collages from New York and Paris including Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Cary Grant, Picasso, and many other iconic figures. via: photojojo

26.10 2015

Russian photographer Daniel Kordan  recently returned from a sailing expedition to Greenland. Kordan spent two months sailing on a yacht through the Atlantic from Saint Petersburg to Greenland as part of a photo workshop for photographers. He brought back countless breathtaking images that reveal the beauty of their natural surroundings on the journey. ndia via: EarthPorm

13.04 2015

Paul Johnson’s series ‘Winter Return’ refers to Devil’s Lake in North Dakota, a closed basin with no outlet that has slowly been rising for two decades due to recent climate shifts. The lake has risen 35 feet and flooded hundreds of farms and partially flooded two small towns along with many square miles of farmland.

12.01 2015

Danielle Guenther shows the real side of having small children by publishing her Best Case Scenario series where everything seems to be far away from the idyllic family life.  Guenther attempts to capture the reality of being a parent with a touch of refreshing humor.      

01.12 2014
Siren Songs Photographed in Iceland by Sam Breach of www.sambreach.com

Sam Breach worked as a digital artist for such movies as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean but after some time she found it much more thrilling to be involved in a creative process from start to finish, so she stepped into the world of photography.

01.10 2014

American and former U.S. Marine Joel Parés seems to be quite a good Photographer as well. His series Judging America touches the uncomfortable topic of prejudices against other people based on race, economic status, sex, or daily appearance. Each image consists of two portraits of a person. First you see the model as a stereotype, after you can […]


late snack

Photo series “Eiterquellen” by Stefan Fuertbauer  focuses on a unique aspect of Viennese culture – wurstel diners and the Viennese fast food culture. Established in the 1870s in order to ensure the financial security of returning war veterans  have taken a life of their own since. Captured in the night,  filled with neon lights look they […]

08.07 2014

Despite a lack of formal education in photography, it took only accouple of years for  Erik Johnansson to become one of the most recognised masters of photo retouching. Well known for his amazing and unbelievable  landscapes which at the same time seem to be so real.The photographer first develops an idea in his head before he […]