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02.01 2017

Hajin Bae, also known as Soulist Aurora is a an illustrator, graphic designer and art director, living and working in Seoul, Korea: “My illustrations have two styles: Day and Night.

25.10 2016

Polish street artist BEZT, who is a member of the ETAM CRU, created a giant mural painting in the streets of Aalborg, Denmark. Bystanders can admire a young man about to enter in his parents-in-law’s house with a bouquet of flowers. A work titled Meeting Her Parents.

01.06 2016

Artist Stev’nn Hall fuses painting and photography to create stunning landscapes that blur the line between fantasy and reality.

11.05 2016

The two Dutch street artists Collin van der Sluijs and Super-A created a superb mural in collaboration with Urban Nation as part of the One Wall project. Impressive several meters height bird is situated on the wall of one of the houses in Berlin district.

06.07 2015

Alexandra Lekias’s work is rich in symbolism and infused with irony. The works draw on dreams, memories and the artist’s personal narrative to explore themes of childhood, sentimental nostalgia and popular culture. A strong sense of the ridiculous and bizarre pervades the black and white ink illustrations, which are illuminated with vivid splashes of oozing […]

02.06 2015

Troy Brooks is an artist hailing from Toronto, Canada. Brooks is a completely self-taught painter who creates figurative oil on canvas pieces which are strikingly beautiful and haunting at the same time. He explains his paintings as, “An elaborate pageantry of characters observed in allegorical settings. These women play out intimate scenes through a detailed visual […]

03.10 2014

Philippines based graphic designer and children’s book illustrator Eisen Bernardo decided to combine modern magazines covers of famous people with classical paintings with the extraordinary result. Series “Mag + Art” presents set of interesting visual combos, often presented in a funny and a bit ironic way. What an interesting  selection..      


mega real

Tjalf Sparnaay’s paintings confronts us with daily ordinairy projects. This representant of hyperrealism takes items (such as sandwich, cupcake, dessert) out of the context of their day to day surroundings, enlarging them so the viewer sees their tiniest details.


andrew archer

Andrew Archer  is an illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand. He started early to draw and paint, then decided to continue his work with the use of computer. He draws his inspiration from surrealism, cartoons, ideograms, wood block prints, edo period art, travel, and Asia.

28.08 2014

Nashville, Tennessee based artist Brian Tull uses both oil and acrylic paint to create photorealistic images that embody a tone of wistfulness, nostalgia, and ease through allegory. As a self-taught artist, he has a technical sophistication that is so impressive and alluring it’s hard to not look at the work and wonder how someone could […]