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25.05 2016

Said Dagdeviren is a designer from Istanbul, Turkey and he created a stunning series using cinemagraphs and Double Exposure on representing animals in their wild life and how humans have throwned them into disorder. Powerful message.


Led Mushroom Lights

Japanese designer Yukio Takano created a set o lamps perfect for every mushroom lover. The Great Mushrooming series are lights using LEDs embedded in synthetic mushrooms that at a quick glance are passable for the real thing. Each light kit is complete with beautiful packaging, battery packs embedded in the base of the wood, and nifty retro on/off switches.

29.02 2016

American fine art photographer Zack Seckler shot a series of abstract aerial landscapes of Iceland from a plane built by the pilot himself. As before, heoffers a different, almost magical view of the much-photographed iconic African landscapes we have come to know.


lost lake

Melted snow fills up the basin with water at the end of winter creating a lake. But at the bottom of the body of water is a giant hole that sucks down the water, much like the drain in a bath tub. The drain, an open lava tube, is one of many throughout the region. The […]

27.10 2015

Budapest-based graphic designer Dániel Taylor has crafted an absolutely gorgeous collection of smoked up animals that we could stare at for hours. It’s somehow ethereal, delicate and fierce, all at the same time. via: theawesomer

02.06 2015

Andreas Lie merged two unique photographs creating beautiful art by captivating scenes from nature within the bodies of wild animals. As a result snowy mountains and thick forests became the fur of foxes, bears and other animals. Lie comes from Bergen in Norway, no wonder he seems to be inspired by his amazing homeland and manages […]

27.05 2015

A beautiful tour of the world’s coldest, driest and windiest continent. 98% of Antarctica is covered by ice that averages 1.9 km in thickness and there are no permanent human residents. The movie was shot and edited by Kalle Ljung during a 20 day trip to Antarctica from December 2014 to January 2015. Ljung started […]

25.05 2015

Photographer Troy Moth  spent the first few years of life living in a tent in a remote tree-planting camp on the West Coast of Canada. He loved the wild and abundant nature and after some time decided to pursue a career in photography. No wonder his “Animal Works” series are dedicated to the wonderful world of nature […]

21.05 2015

Inspired by National Geographic Jakub Połomski decided to deal with photography in the age of 20. It took him only a few years to win one of NG contest and devote himself to travel photography. His photos are breathtaking, reminding us of nature beaty. Polomksi’s love for the earth and often mysterious, landscape has seen him travel to Argentina […]

13.05 2015

Don’t be fooled by the photos you see. All these giant fluffy flowers were crafted from paper by San Francisco-based artist and architect Tiffanie Turner. Because of the massive scale of each piece a single flower can take upward of 35-80 hours to assemble from crepe paper. Impressive flowers represent main interests of Tiffanie – architecture […]