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25.05 2016

Said Dagdeviren is a designer from Istanbul, Turkey and he created a stunning series using cinemagraphs and Double Exposure on representing animals in their wild life and how humans have throwned them into disorder. Powerful message.

03.02 2016

Polish photographer and filmmaker Weronika Izdebska, also known as ovors, captures melancholic yet serene sceneries in her work. Lately she went on a road trip through Iceland and says about the journey: “I’ve always been drawn to the North since I can remember. Over the years, the quiet voice is becoming more definite and real. Surrounded […]

21.05 2015

Inspired by National Geographic Jakub Połomski decided to deal with photography in the age of 20. It took him only a few years to win one of NG contest and devote himself to travel photography. His photos are breathtaking, reminding us of nature beaty. Polomksi’s love for the earth and often mysterious, landscape has seen him travel to Argentina […]

16.12 2014

“Dust Portratits” series by Gabriel de la Chapelle  brings us a set of beautiful shots showcasing the  peculiar environment filled with dust. Looking at them makes you feel of wavering and loneliness, even the sun seems to belong to another planet. Dreamlike, a bit scarry and at the same time beautiful.

09.12 2014

Beautiful monochrome photos of horseback riders by the sea shot in the county of Pembrokeshire (south west of Wales) by Andy Lee.

02.12 2014

Photographer Griffin Lamb knows how to capture the beauty of the nature.  His photographs allow us to travel along with the author, making us wish for travelling in the amazing and breathtaking mountains in the north part of America.  I wish I could see each part of it myself.

27.11 2014

Mikko Lagerstedt  transforms the landscape of Finland, by blending two different exposures, into something ethereal and dreamlike. The result is amazing showing us amazing landscapes full of mystery and natural strange beauty.

25.11 2014

Photographs by Tatiana Liu Xiaofang is a set of beautiful compositions with horizons where sky and sea merge creating a vision of great space. On each photo you can see a profile of a little girl forming a part of a series of extraordinary events that take place in her presence. Series seems to be inspired by […]

13.10 2014

Jeff Luker developed an amazing style, taking pictures mostly of his friends and their adventures. Perhaps this is the reason why his photos are so natural, making the viewer wanna  live within. What a beautiful way of documenting a wild  lifestyle of the youth culture. More: Tumblr, Flickr.

17.09 2014
01 (1)

Photographer Josef Hoflehner creates beautiful and enchanting landscapes. His work revolves around places such as big cities, sea, buildings and other natural landscapes. Full of freshness and light, his works transform you into amazing locations creating original set of places that the photographer has visited so far. Mr. Hoflehner, keep on travelling, please!               […]