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18.01 2016

Since 2011, Japanese art director and designer Tatsuya Tanaka has been creating playful and intricate miniature dioramas as part of his ‘miniature calendar‘ project. Tanaka places delicate and tiny figurines with real, life-size objects. He has been able to create impressive and creative backgrounds and settings using these everyday objects.


kiwi identity

Hand carved kiwis featuring our all time favourites Tony Abbott, Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian. via: BoredPanda


sushi kitchen towels

For OTOTO store, designer Jenny Pokryvailo presented kitchen towels in an interesting and creative way. The towels feature very specific colored patterns so that when properly rolled they end up looking exactly like a mix of rice, nori, and seafood wrapped around a wasabi core. Delicious and useful kitchen set.


animal tissues holders

Sparkly Pony created a collection of original tissues holders. Representing animals such as dinosaur, rabbit, whale and an elephant they can be a nice addition to any interior, not only for children.  His products are to buy for 40$ each.  Simple and effective.  

06.02 2015

A cable car suspended in the air near the icy town of Courcheval in the French Alps has been transformed into a luxurious apartment. It’s not for everybody, only the winner of Airbnb contest called enter the giveaway. Hanging near the top of the Sommet de la Saulire, the cable car has been turned into a […]

20.11 2014

Nothing better than a cup of hot tea on a winter day and when the tea is served in a shape of little gold fish, well.. that’s even better. The Taiwanese design firm Charm Villa created these beautiful tea bags which elegantly swim in your favourute cup. What a tasteful idea..  

12.08 2014

Chocolate factory Unelefante makes some pretty chocolate bars including one that looks like melted crayons, other with crushed colourful pieces of.. wafers ( :) ?) and another one with paint splashes,  inspired by Jackson Pollock. You can read much more about them over on KNSTRCT.

22.07 2014

Zupagrafika is a Hispano-Polish creative design studio set up in 2012 in Poznań, Poland. The studio was founded by a Spanish graphic designer out of his passion for the Polish Poster School. Zupa`s realizations stem from conceptual simplicity, purity of form and content. They offer interesting selection of urban papercrafts available at their online design store Zupamarket. […]