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08.11 2016

These minimalist movie posters (published by Halloween Costumes) are inspired by ten horror films. Each one features a pair of objects from a key moment in the movie, but it’s up to you to figure out the name of the film they represent. Play the game and compare your answers by looking at the bottom of […]


halloween breakfast

Nothing better than a tasty & creepy breakfast on Halloween Day. You can either turn your boiled eggs into soft and nutritious skulls or make yourself a portion of delicious fried eggs in shape of, what else, beautiful skulls. Available on:  Amazon (Boiled egg mold) | Amazon (Fried egg mold)


Creative Candles Cry Tears

The wax dripping from a melting candle can sometimes look like tears, and this is exactly what these beautifully creepy candles and candle holders play on – when the scented candles inside melt, the wax drips through the ceramic candle holders’ eyes to form colorful scented tears. The candles were designed by The Jacks,, a design […]

31.10 2014

Kids love Halloween, and its no suprise ! You get to put on an awesome terrifying costume and terrorize your neighbors in return for bags of free candy. But what to wear? With your help, we’d like to collect the best children ‘s Halloween costume ideas ever.


Unique horror pumpkins

Jon Neill is a famous sculptor and pumpkin carving master who creates some of the best Halloween pumpkin carvings in the world.  His carving has gone from simple cutout features to full blown squash sculptures with amazingly realistic detail and horrifying appea, you simly can’t take your eyes of it..