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Pixels in stiches

Lafayette, Indiana mother and artist Jess of Pixels In Stitches creates pixelated versions of pop culture characters from television shows, movies, and video games in the form of cross-stitch patterns. Under the needle: Harry Potter, Marvel, Breaking Bad, The Big Bang Theory or famous Disney cartoons.

02.01 2017

Hajin Bae, also known as Soulist Aurora is a an illustrator, graphic designer and art director, living and working in Seoul, Korea: “My illustrations have two styles: Day and Night.

02.11 2016

Julien Nonnon continues his projection work on the walls of Paris. With le_baiser (the kiss), the artist advocates love and gentleness by covering the city with giant videos of couples that are kissing.  

25.10 2016

Polish street artist BEZT, who is a member of the ETAM CRU, created a giant mural painting in the streets of Aalborg, Denmark. Bystanders can admire a young man about to enter in his parents-in-law’s house with a bouquet of flowers. A work titled Meeting Her Parents.


donut out of space

Astronut is a bakery from Mexico City specialized on donuts from outer space. As creative as their name, a word mixing space and donuts, the brand collaborated with Super Magic friend to create their visual identity including graphical illustrated branding, packaging and business cards on which we perceive the costume of an astronaut in the middle […]

22.06 2015

When Dutch illustrator and graphic designer Remko Heenskerk moved to New York City, he was inspired by the architecture—as many first-timers are. To pay homage, he created a series of iconic prints, featuring his favorite places. With vibrant colors and strong, clean lines, he captures the dynamism of the city’s many buildings and neighborhoods. via: Visual […]

27.01 2015

Marcos Chin is a Canadian illustrator graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design now based in New York where he taught illustration. His work earned him numerous publications in major magazines like Time, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, etc and prestigious awards from The Society of Illustrators New York and LA, Communication […]

20.01 2015

Jesse van Dijk (1977)  is a concept artist originally from Amsterdam, now living in Seattle, specializing in world design for the entertainment industry. Jesse is lead concept artist at Bungie, where he is currently working on Destiny. Thanks to his beautiful and fascinating visions of future Jesse is considered one of the finest digital landscape artists in the world. […]

13.01 2015

Tiago Hoisel is a Brazilian illustrator with a talent for producing fun, and humorous illustrations.


the cat box

Who said a cat cannot have an originally designed box? Delphine Courier created original carborad boxes for our pupils, served in many different colours and designs, matching with modern or contemporary interior designs. Made entirely from recycled materials doesn’t require glue and tools to be assembled. Nice way to make your cat happy and to refresh your interior design.