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08.11 2016

Stranger Things has been on everyone’s minds since its release on Netflix in July, and artists can’t help but show their appreciation for the show by creating beautiful interpretations of the period thriller. Here are some of our favorites: via: Buzzfed, Threadless


Calligraphy Animals

In few movements, illustrator Andrew Fox creates with his pen calligraphic drawings giving shape to every kind of animal dark silhouettes. A very delicate and visual artwork, to discover. via: Fubiz

18.08 2015

Lovely fashion drawings by Stockholm based illustrator and fashion designer Lisa Billvik. Her images depict almost a surreal world in which different features like patterns and details meets. Everyday objects, elements from nature and animals often accompany the characters in the images. Thin pencil lines, red lips and coloured details combined with pleats, patterns and structure. […]


custom flipbooks – with love

Wonder how to pop The Question in an original way?  Ben Zurawski, the artist behind The Flippist created some original custom flipbooks for your needs. All you have to do is present him the way you want the story to be told and he will prepare original mini book for your loved one. With simple and heartwarming […]

08.01 2015

Enormous crowds are gathering across France to show solidarity with the journalists of Charlie Hebdo and to demonstrate to support freedom of speech. At the same time cartoonists from around the world responded to the attack with powerful, poignant illustrations that often speak lauder than words. via: wiadomośći24


nabil nezzar

Nabil Nezzar was born in 1987, in Toulouse, South of France. After his graduation, he moved to Japan, Australia, New Zealand and finally to Belgium, enjoying a sort of freedom, leading him to further artistic explorations. Working mainly in pencil, he later switched to painting, and recently added graphite pure and eraser on pigments on his […]


andrew archer

Andrew Archer  is an illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand. He started early to draw and paint, then decided to continue his work with the use of computer. He draws his inspiration from surrealism, cartoons, ideograms, wood block prints, edo period art, travel, and Asia.

22.08 2014

Oamul Lu is a Chinese illustrator whose colourful, adorable drawings and animations have been shared all over the Internet. With relatively simple technique, his illustrations in motion become smaller stories with simple and subtle expression.

10.07 2014

Alexey Kurbatov is a talented illustrator from Moscow, Russia where he specializes in graphic design and drawing. With an extensive body of work, Alexey produces art with great contrast and just the right amount of color. Drawing from the age of 7 years old it was pretty certain he would eventually embrace an artistic career. Working […]