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17.11 2015

„Whaddup  Fish!” is a short animation movie happening below the sea surface. Created by Tomek Pilarski tells a story of a scientist who meets gorgeous flapjack octopus. Following his new friend he joins an unexpected party. Unfortunately not everything has a happy ending… Whaddup Fish! from Tomek Pilarski on Vimeo.

19.06 2015

When you leave for work, don’t worry about your pets getting bored—they’ve got a full day of shenanigans ahead of them, according to “The Secret Life of Pets”. The upcoming animated movie follows adorably rendered cats and dogs (plus at least one bird and possibly a fish) as they pass the time awaiting the return […]

11.05 2015

In the sand dune covered lands outside his city, a robot searches for his creator. “We Were Not Made For This World,” is a beautiful and haunting film directed by Colin West McDonald and based on a story of the same name by award-winning cartoonist Paul Hornschemeier. We Were Not Made For This World from […]

02.04 2015

For every scince fiction fan Wanderers, a short film created by Erik Wernquist is  a sight for sore eyes. Short movie is a story about possible future full of space adventures and incredible sights, mysterious planets and spaceships. Hopefully such creation one day will become our reality. Wanderers – a short film by Erik Wernquist from Erik […]

28.01 2015

A beautiful story by  Mathijsa Demaeght is about a young girl making friends with mysterious white wolf who takes her on a unique journey to enchanted world. Flow is a unique story about grief and sorrow and about how to deal with such emotions and learn to let go by accepting disappearance of the ones we love the […]

02.10 2014

The prestigious French school Gobelins just released online the latest creations from its students. MEET MEAT is a short-film which tells the story of a whale hunter who quickly becomes hunted. Animation is the work of Juliaon Roels, Christine Shin, Eve Guastella, David Martins Da Silva and Mael Jaouen.

24.09 2014

Artist Mateusz Sypien created three death dealing animated art pieces inspired by our own fears of how death could possibly look like.

17.09 2014

After success of  Bisous les Copains,  digital artist Guillaume Kurkdjian presented … Bisous les Copains 2. In other words every week, Guillaume posts a new GIF to the Bisous blog presenting another scene from his bizzarre yet funny world. As a result we get a sample of  beautifully simple yest humorous animated gifs. Hipnotizing. Więcej na […]

22.08 2014

Oamul Lu is a Chinese illustrator whose colourful, adorable drawings and animations have been shared all over the Internet. With relatively simple technique, his illustrations in motion become smaller stories with simple and subtle expression.