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Calligraphy Animals

In few movements, illustrator Andrew Fox creates with his pen calligraphic drawings giving shape to every kind of animal dark silhouettes. A very delicate and visual artwork, to discover. via: Fubiz

27.10 2015

Budapest-based graphic designer Dániel Taylor has crafted an absolutely gorgeous collection of smoked up animals that we could stare at for hours. It’s somehow ethereal, delicate and fierce, all at the same time. via: theawesomer

28.09 2015

Watercolor paints have a fantastic way of capturing vital energy and ghostly shades of color that no other medium can, and Tilen Ti, an artist in Singapore, has become an expert at using watercolor paints to their fullest potential. The animals in his vibrantly colorful works seem to come to life on the page. Ti focuses […]

25.05 2015

Photographer Troy Moth  spent the first few years of life living in a tent in a remote tree-planting camp on the West Coast of Canada. He loved the wild and abundant nature and after some time decided to pursue a career in photography. No wonder his “Animal Works” series are dedicated to the wonderful world of nature […]

14.11 2014

Leaf Beasts is an original project designed by the very talented artist Baku Maeda. This time he decided to take a close look at the autumn leaves, taking advantege of their natural curves and shape. As a result he managed to present an amazing set of peculiar animals. Again, Maeda managed to show the beauty of […]

24.09 2014

Jill Greenberg is known worldwide for her uniquely human animal portraits. Recently she decided to turn her lens to horses for her new photographic collection. The result is astonishing. Jill captures those powerful, romantic, and enigmatic animals by creating beautiful set of horse portraits.

15.09 2014

Illustrator and painter Xiau-Fong Wee changes her style almost as much as she does her medium. Working with charcoal, oil and acrylic paint, her subject matter ranges from humorous animals to surreal creatures from sci-fi movie. Below some examples of her work featuring cute and funny drawings of various animals holding big guns and wearing glasses.There is some […]

04.09 2014

Lukas Holas is a photographer and graphic designer from Frydlant, Czech Republic. His famous series called Portraits of Animals express his love for animals, presenting a collection of breathtaking black and white portraits. By throwing away the colour Holas managed to show their real elegance, beauty and individuality.

28.07 2014

Liu Di got the idea for his bizarre Animal Regulation series (2008) on a bus ride through the crowded suburbs of Beijing. “Looking out at the decrepit housing blocks, I had a vague but strong feeling that there was something missing between the ground and the sky,” he recalls. He felt the urge to add […]


guinea pig celebrity

A perfect model, cooperative, versatile and very relaxed too. Meet Booboo, famous guinea pig that will steal your heart. Wearing heart shaped glasses, flowers or simply posing in a pink mini bathtub has already almost 17,000 followers on Instagram.