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11.01 2017

Daisy Bernard has perfectly summarised the ridiculous and often contradictory expectations that women face every day. “Think like a man, act like a boss,” but when we do, we’re accused of being “too difficult” and told to change that approach. It’s obvious when it comes to things like work, relationships and sex, women are faced with dozens of mixed […]

02.01 2017

Hajin Bae, also known as Soulist Aurora is a an illustrator, graphic designer and art director, living and working in Seoul, Korea: “My illustrations have two styles: Day and Night.

28.11 2016

From a single stroke starting from the bottom of the sheet, the artist Mark Demsteader gives shape to elegant intriguing feminine figures. Bust of his models is formed by a mix of collage and pastel, making the silhouette gradually appearing, full of depth and relieves and revealing the details of the face as well as very […]

08.11 2016

Stranger Things has been on everyone’s minds since its release on Netflix in July, and artists can’t help but show their appreciation for the show by creating beautiful interpretations of the period thriller. Here are some of our favorites: via: Buzzfed, Threadless

08.11 2016

These minimalist movie posters (published by Halloween Costumes) are inspired by ten horror films. Each one features a pair of objects from a key moment in the movie, but it’s up to you to figure out the name of the film they represent. Play the game and compare your answers by looking at the bottom of […]

26.10 2016

Working out of Samara, Russia, Kirill Hohlov focuses his talents on fashion and illustration. His appreciation to keeping a close watch on today’s fashionable youth is comfortably apparent in his work and appropriate for the time he’s creating. Beautifully rendered portraits of the style conscious. via: Juxtapoz

25.10 2016

While some people chronicle their traveling adventures with a camera, artist Clover Robin uses a slightly less typical tool: a pair of scissors.

13.06 2016

Ukrainian artist Snezhana Soosh is a mom to a 9-year-old son, but it’s fatherhood that has inspired her darling illustrations. In whimsical washes of watercolor and ink, Soosh depicts the precious bond between an imaginary dad and daughter in a series of small, sweet moments.  


Calligraphy Animals

In few movements, illustrator Andrew Fox creates with his pen calligraphic drawings giving shape to every kind of animal dark silhouettes. A very delicate and visual artwork, to discover. via: Fubiz

01.06 2016

Artist Stev’nn Hall fuses painting and photography to create stunning landscapes that blur the line between fantasy and reality.