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Expressive Origami Animals

Origami extraordinaire Gonzalo Garcia Calvo meticulously crafts expressive and imaginative paper creatures. Using only his hands and a single, square sheet of colorful paper, the Madrid-based artist brings the animal kingdom to life through intricate folds. via:MyModernMet


Pixels in stiches

Lafayette, Indiana mother and artist Jess of Pixels In Stitches creates pixelated versions of pop culture characters from television shows, movies, and video games in the form of cross-stitch patterns. Under the needle: Harry Potter, Marvel, Breaking Bad, The Big Bang Theory or famous Disney cartoons.

04.01 2017

By using both mirrors and neons, the Colombian artist Camilo Matiz created double meaning to his works. The messages initially created with light letters take a totally different meaning when reflected. The result is more realistic and less happy version of the first impression. Will you dare to take a look?


socks for artists

Where can you find fine art masters in one place? The Louvre? The Guggenheim? No, they’re right here in this unique gift box. Meet Andy Sock-Hole, Feetasso, Frida Callus and Vincent Van Toe. It’s the ideal birthday present for your creative friends and they’ll be drawn to these artistic designs. With four famous painters immortalised in […]


halloween breakfast

Nothing better than a tasty & creepy breakfast on Halloween Day. You can either turn your boiled eggs into soft and nutritious skulls or make yourself a portion of delicious fried eggs in shape of, what else, beautiful skulls. Available on:  Amazon (Boiled egg mold) | Amazon (Fried egg mold)


Miniature Motels

Anna Carey is an Australian artist that mixes arts to give a an hyperrealistic aspect to her creations. In her series called Stardust, she reproduces in a faithful way, motels of the famous firm, located in Australia and in the USA. She mixes photography and sculpture, that through the frame, give the reproductions as real […]

01.06 2016

Designer Nikita Konkin has created a packaging concept design that makes buying pasta a bit more fun. The trio of designs have the face of a woman on the box, with the cut-out ‘hair’ window showing the pasta inside.


Led Mushroom Lights

Japanese designer Yukio Takano created a set o lamps perfect for every mushroom lover. The Great Mushrooming series are lights using LEDs embedded in synthetic mushrooms that at a quick glance are passable for the real thing. Each light kit is complete with beautiful packaging, battery packs embedded in the base of the wood, and nifty retro on/off switches.


Customizable Transparent Chair

South Korean industrial designer Sohyun Yun has created a chair that can change as often as your mood. Called Layer, this innovative seat is made out of clear acrylic and has an entirely see-through structure. Thanks to its clever construction, the “blank canvas” is completely customizable, with empty space in its back and base. Here, you […]

16.05 2016

Environmental activists from Robin Hood asked CGI artists from Illusion to imagine visuals to illustrate that destroy nature is to destroy life. An impactful result thanks to a set of double exposure images that perfectly highlights the message of the campaign and the urgency of the situation. An impressive campaign led by agency Grabarz & […]