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03.02 2016

Polish photographer and filmmaker Weronika Izdebska, also known as ovors, captures melancholic yet serene sceneries in her work. Lately she went on a road trip through Iceland and says about the journey: “I’ve always been drawn to the North since I can remember. Over the years, the quiet voice is becoming more definite and real. Surrounded […]

05.01 2015

Vienna-based photography studio Staudinger + Franke recently presented beautiful series called simply Barrier. Each piece is a unique portrait of women separated from the observer by a barrier of water. The result is simply amazing.

ice cream truck1

ice truck obsession

What a relief on a hot day – ice truck. Cute, vintage and full of refreshing ice cream. These ice cream vans no longer conform to EU regulations so English photographer Luke Stephenson decided to photograph them in order to preserve a little bit of childhood memorabilia before they go to the scrapyard.

10.07 2014

“Dark Fairytales” editorial by Eugenio Recuenco was presented by Vogue in 2006.  Surreal and moody pictures introducing The Princess and the Pea, Snow White, Puss in Boots seem to be present the real dark side of fairy tale world. Perhaps they seem a bit like a nightmare but you simply can’t stop looking at them, that’s how fascinating […]