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22.12 2014

Wedding photographer Jonas Peterson has captured dozens of beautiful weddings all over the world. But even with his impressive resume and archive of incredible images, he says a wedding he recently shot in Masai Mara, Kenya might just top them all. The bride and groom (Nina & Sebastian) spent two years in the area putting together a […]

08.12 2014

Nana Hage llikes to travel, is fascinated withphotography and likes to.. eat. By combining these three elements she created  Far and Close, food blog dedicated to her “food travels”. Full of nature, open spaces, beautiful interiors and tasty looking food her blog is a unique register of her delicious travels.

01.12 2014
Siren Songs Photographed in Iceland by Sam Breach of www.sambreach.com

Sam Breach worked as a digital artist for such movies as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean but after some time she found it much more thrilling to be involved in a creative process from start to finish, so she stepped into the world of photography.

12.11 2014

Sam Livm is a 22 year young film director currently living in NYC. He loves to take pictures of strangers though as he states, his true passion will always be cinema. He made some amazing women portraits succeding in capturing a youthful energy with a feeling of a warm, endless summer.

02.10 2014

American photographer Vincent J. Musi is fascinated by animals, especially felines. No wonder he dedicated one of his series to  “Big Cats”. Presented photos show us amazing  and unique beauty, capturing the intense, wild and look of these fascinating animals.

17.09 2014
01 (1)

Photographer Josef Hoflehner creates beautiful and enchanting landscapes. His work revolves around places such as big cities, sea, buildings and other natural landscapes. Full of freshness and light, his works transform you into amazing locations creating original set of places that the photographer has visited so far. Mr. Hoflehner, keep on travelling, please!               […]

04.09 2014

Dalton Portella  is a photographer, artist and musician born in Miami and raised in Brazil. After years of working in the commercial branch, he decided to devote himself to fine art. Some time ago he published some of his sea photos. In his series devoted to storms, you can see how fascinating, but also terrifying sea storm phenomena is.

21.08 2014

Brydie Mack is a Creative Director, Photographer & Stylist based in Sydney, Australia. An education at Whitehouse Institute of Design has allowed Brydie to develop a well-trained eye for style & successfully freelance both in Australia & overseas. Her work is heavily inspired by photographers from eras past – all reflecting her raw, minimal aesthetic & strong appreciation of the female […]

09.08 2014

Finn Beales is a skilled documentary photographer who excels at capturing diverse cultures and environments. This award winning photographer from Wales works worldwide, documenting the space around him in an unique and beautiful style. His portfolio includes photographs from various trips (Canada, Scotland, Ireland etc.) All of them equally stunning, showing us the beauty of nature. […]

28.07 2014

Photo series titled Animal Child by Shelly Mosman, capture children in vintage costumes as they pose with their pets. The result is interesting and visually stimulating. Reminds me of an old photography from XIX century.