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lost lake

Melted snow fills up the basin with water at the end of winter creating a lake. But at the bottom of the body of water is a giant hole that sucks down the water, much like the drain in a bath tub. The drain, an open lava tube, is one of many throughout the region. The […]


Peak in the glass

North Drinkware, a team of Oregon-based glass blowers decided to create an original glass with  Oregon’s highest peak, Mt. Hood in it.  Integrated into the base of the glass the mount looks really beautiful making you a bit .. thirsty..

26.01 2015

The Airbnb’s new Portland office, has been co-created by the design team – Aaron Taylor Harvey and Rachael Yu in collaboration with Portland-based architecture firm boora – with the employees. The employees not only helped create the listing rooms (similar to the ones at HQ in SF), but were also given free range over other rooms, […]