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21.04 2015

Jonathan Nimerfroh was walking along the coast of Nantucket when he noticed something odd about the waves crashing on shore. The high temperature was 19°F (-7.2°C) and while the waves weren’t completely frozen, they were thick with pieces of ice, much like the consistency of a Slurpee, or an slushy, or an ICEE, or whatever. […]

26.03 2015

Photographs by Alexandre Deschaumes are an example of exquisite mountain portraits revealing beauty and immensity of nature. Capturing the most beautiful landscapes in the world he manages to bring us into ethereal world of French Alps, Patagonia and Iceland.

04.03 2015

Photographer Brad Wilson captured amazing portraits of owls. Capturing these pictures wasn’t as effortless as it looks, in order to geet the right shot the picture he had to spend hours with each bird.. Wilson said: “It’s hard to get animals to look at you like humans do, That [straight-ahead] shot became my holy grail.”

22.12 2014

On the website Airbnb, it is common to find beautiful houses built in the trees. Definitively one of the most romantic Secluded Treehouse Intown is located in Atlanta. The two living areas, namely the bedroom and living room are connected by a bridge, the evening sparkles through subtly hung garlands. Beautiful.

27.11 2014

Mikko Lagerstedt  transforms the landscape of Finland, by blending two different exposures, into something ethereal and dreamlike. The result is amazing showing us amazing landscapes full of mystery and natural strange beauty.

14.11 2014

Leaf Beasts is an original project designed by the very talented artist Baku Maeda. This time he decided to take a close look at the autumn leaves, taking advantege of their natural curves and shape. As a result he managed to present an amazing set of peculiar animals. Again, Maeda managed to show the beauty of […]

04.09 2014

Dalton Portella  is a photographer, artist and musician born in Miami and raised in Brazil. After years of working in the commercial branch, he decided to devote himself to fine art. Some time ago he published some of his sea photos. In his series devoted to storms, you can see how fascinating, but also terrifying sea storm phenomena is.

02.09 2014

Award-winning  PlayStation game  The Last of Us is about civilization end caused by fungus epidemic turning humans into zombies. The game is known for its incredibly realistic renderings of post-apocalyptic world. In this game abandoned buldings are taken over by nature which is slowly, but effectively reclaiming its territory. Below you can take a look at destroyed well known palaces, […]

21.08 2014

Jeremy Miranda lives and works in Salem, Massachusetts where he works with acrylic paint to create images influenced by nature, technology and architecture.

23.07 2014

Aside from their elegance and beauty, orchids are well known for their extraordinarily diverse colors and appearances, which can often resemble a wide array of other objects or animals. Orchids very often tend to evoke instances of pareidolia – a psychological phenomenon where our brain creates significant images or likenesses out of seemingly random forms. […]