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Canada’s coziest ice fishing huts

As with any fishing trip, trolling the Great White North for char, smelt and salmon requires a pole, bait and enough beer to keep your buddies in good spirits. But given the potential for -40° temperatures and howling winds, Canadian anglers insist on shelter, too. Toronto architectural photographer Richard Johnson turned his lens toward the makeshift homesteads. “All the […]

02.12 2014

Photographer Griffin Lamb knows how to capture the beauty of the nature.  His photographs allow us to travel along with the author, making us wish for travelling in the amazing and breathtaking mountains in the north part of America.  I wish I could see each part of it myself.

09.08 2014

Finn Beales is a skilled documentary photographer who excels at capturing diverse cultures and environments. This award winning photographer from Wales works worldwide, documenting the space around him in an unique and beautiful style. His portfolio includes photographs from various trips (Canada, Scotland, Ireland etc.) All of them equally stunning, showing us the beauty of nature. […]