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25.05 2015

Cousins & Cousins Architects transformed a Victorian home in East London, creating an addition that is inconspicuous and transformative. The extension houses a dining room on its first floor and a bedroom on its second. It uses bricks and windows repurposed from an earlier demolition. The dining room features two floor-to-ceiling glass walls, opening the […]

15.04 2015

German-based graphic designer Matthias Jung creates imaginative houses. These impossible buildings float in the air against the rules of gravity and seem to be a part of a beautiful, yest weird and impossibel dream. The artist himself calls his creations ‘architectural short poems’, that aim to visualize another perspective on how we could see the world […]

07.04 2015

Artist Giuliano Mauri began the towering project in 2001, creating 42 columns that arc towards each other to form a leafy basilica and five grand aisles. Located near the foot of northern Italy’s Mount Arera is made up entirely of trees.

25.03 2015

The name of the restaurant Hueso derives from the spanish word for ‘bone’ and this theme has been taken through everything from the interior decoration to the graphics. The space is kept in tones of white throughout with only the tables and chairs standing out in golden tones of timber. The restaurant is located in […]

23.03 2015

 dRMM‘s Sliding House project encompasses three separate buildings (house, garage, and guest annex), and was built with the intention for the owners to grow food, entertain, and enjoy the landscape from the structure.

26.01 2015

The Airbnb’s new Portland office, has been co-created by the design team – Aaron Taylor Harvey and Rachael Yu in collaboration with Portland-based architecture firm boora – with the employees. The employees not only helped create the listing rooms (similar to the ones at HQ in SF), but were also given free range over other rooms, […]

22.12 2014

On the website Airbnb, it is common to find beautiful houses built in the trees. Definitively one of the most romantic Secluded Treehouse Intown is located in Atlanta. The two living areas, namely the bedroom and living room are connected by a bridge, the evening sparkles through subtly hung garlands. Beautiful.


Ideal cottage

This cabin was designed by Olson Kundig Architects to build the ideal cottage for a writer’s retreat. His intentions are to be close to nature and to secure the house during his absence, that’s why the studio designed a structured home featuring bay window walls joined to three wooden facades slats that can be raised and contain the home by a system of pivoting pulleys.

01.10 2014

New Orleans-based photographer Frank Relle takes us on an amazig trip through the streets of his beloved hometown. His series called “Nightscapes” documents the haunting nature of  the place including the  exceptional architecture of  the old south.