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27.10 2015

Artist Sean Yoro (aka Hula)  found an old sunken ship off the coast of Hawaii and transformed the rusty vessel into an aquatic art gallery with his piece titled Ho’i Mai (translation: Come Back). The larger-than-life artwork features a woman whose head and arm emerge from the water’s edge, reaching towards the sky.  

28.09 2015

UK organization Hubbub plans to clean up the streets of London through its #neatstreets campaign. One clever project sees smokers vote on various topics by placing their cigarette butts into clear divided containers in public areas; another uses devices that play music when a cigarette butt is inserted; and yet another encourages gum-chewers to connect […]

14.09 2015

Warsaw-based artist NeSpoon uses ornate lace patterns in her unique brand of street art that translates into ceramics, stencils, paintings, and crocheted webbing installed in public spaces. NeSpoon refers to her art as “public jewelry,” specifically as an act of beautification by turning abandoned and unadorned spaces into something aesthetically pleasing. You can see much […]

06.08 2015

SpY is back on the streets of Spain with a brilliant new installation that was created on the streets of Bilbao. Entitled “Crisis”, the Spanish artist created the word Crisis composed by 1000 euros in 2cents coins. Powerful and striking, the conceptual installation only lasted 24 hours as all the coins were slowly removed by […]

03.08 2015

Visual artist Benjamin Løzninger puts cheerful cloud prints on the walls of city buildings to brighten up the streets for his ‘Cloud Project‘. Based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the French art director is a huge fan of street art and so far, the project has already expanded across the pond from various US cities to Paris. […]

07.07 2015

I would never guess a pigeon can look so beautiful, but at the hands of Dutch street artist Stefan Thelen aka Super A this common bird looks quite impressive. His latest piece at top was just completed for n Goes, Netherlands. Check out more of his paintings and other works on his website.

06.07 2015

For the Lodz 4 Cultures Festival, artist Isaac Cordal presented balconies miniature characters on a building’s facade in Lodz, Poland. Entitled “Sasiedzi” (“neighbors”) is a part of bigger project called”Cement Eclipses” representing the idea of being together but alone and without any communication because of new technologies. Figurines dressed in a corporate dress code hold a […]

29.06 2015

Jim Bachor has started filling cracked asphalt with mosaics of ice cream for a project known as Treats in the Streets. Each piece perfectly blends in with the road, adding a delightful effect to a neglected and seemingly dull area. The best part is that these pieces will most likely last for a long time, since they are made of sturdy glass and durable marble.

23.06 2015

Peregrine Church created “rainworks”, street art that only appears when it rains. The Seattle-based artist uses a superhydrophobic coating that protects surfaces from water and other liquids. Church uses stencils to spray his artworks onto sidewalks and the pieces are temporary, lasting 4 months to a year depending on foot traffic and abrasion. The messages and artworks […]

22.06 2015

Berlin artist Kim Kwacz a.k.a Kim Köster presents his new work “Monzter”. Like in his internationally known art projects “99 rooms” and “Ana Somnia“, Kim blurs the boundaries of reality and fiction by transferring mural artwork into the digital world. “Monzter“ is a picture book for the iPad. It is Kim’s first work focusing on […]