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17.11 2015

Double exposure portraits by Spanish-based artist Antonio Mora (a.k.a. Mylovt) blend human and nature worlds into surreal hybrid artworks. Mora works with images he’d found browsing through online databases, magazines and blogs, and then fuses them together using skillful photo manipulation techniques.  

02.11 2015

A Lebanese self-taught photographer, Lara Zankoul photographs models in stunning environments she has created. Whether they be on land, in the ocean or both, her photographs often tell stories of places long forgotten in a dreams.

27.10 2015

Budapest-based graphic designer Dániel Taylor has crafted an absolutely gorgeous collection of smoked up animals that we could stare at for hours. It’s somehow ethereal, delicate and fierce, all at the same time. via: theawesomer

13.10 2015

NYC-based photographer BriAnne Wills took a series of photos featuring women and their adopted cats and posted them on her Tumblr .Predictably, the internet went wild, and BriAnne has now decided to make the project an ongoing series. The result is stunning…


doorways into food

A castle made of whole-grain bread, a circus tent in dim-sum flavor… a visually playful print campaign by Ogilvy & Mather New York and production studio Ars Thanea for DuPont Nutrition & Health, which highlights ingredients (and more) that go inside various foods.

02.09 2015

Matthias Haker is a self-taught photographer currently living in Dresden, Germany. He is a student of Media Computer Science. Matthias discovered photography as his passion in 2008.  His gallery includes arresting landscapes, architecture, urban life, portraits and macros. The most significant part of his imagery is the pictures of abandoned locations. Matthias Haker sees a […]

31.08 2015

Dreams and random musings become reality in Ukranian artist Elena Vizerskaya’s photo illustrations. Heavily steeped in the artist’s imagination, her works combine photos of models and digital elements, resulting in ethereal visions of female beauty. Vizerskaya’s models are often found daydreaming alone. Captured looking off into the distance in wide, open spaces, their worlds seem to […]

18.08 2015

No one else can make desserts look so tasty as Davide Luciano. He captures all kind of appetizing desserts and candies and manipulates food in such a way as to highlight all the aesthetics of it.

03.08 2015

Photographer Klaus Frahm takes photos of theater auditoriums from the stage, showing us ‘a work-space hidden behind the red curtain’ as he describes it. His ongoing series ‘The Fourth Wall’ takes us behind-the-scenes of Europe’s most famous theaters. Frahm’s motivation stems from these explorations of a scene inside the scene: ‘It is the specific perspective […]

02.06 2015

Andreas Lie merged two unique photographs creating beautiful art by captivating scenes from nature within the bodies of wild animals. As a result snowy mountains and thick forests became the fur of foxes, bears and other animals. Lie comes from Bergen in Norway, no wonder he seems to be inspired by his amazing homeland and manages […]