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donut out of space

Astronut is a bakery from Mexico City specialized on donuts from outer space. As creative as their name, a word mixing space and donuts, the brand collaborated with Super Magic friend to create their visual identity including graphical illustrated branding, packaging and business cards on which we perceive the costume of an astronaut in the middle […]


wooden ring

Secret Wood makes every ring to order which ensures that no two rings are alike. Each wooden base differs in its patterning and coloring, and the elements inside of the resin will always have slight variations. Because of this meticulous attention to detail, it takes between four and five weeks to make a ring. They’re all handmade […]


Coca-Cola & Disney

Designer Nacim Shehin, based in Mexico, imagined that it could be the result of a partnership between Walt Disney Studios and Coco-Cola for the creation of cans. As a aresult he created a container with a minimalist design ornamented with the colors and profiles of the most famous cartoon characters.  


crocheted sardines

Kate Jenkins is a knitting genius. Famous for her unique crocheted food, Kate takes a nostalgic look at everyday items, re-invented in wool and yarn with wry, comic touches. Apart from classical deisgn she also ceates unusual stuffs like playful crocheted sushi plates, colorful shrimps canapés and sardines. She has exhibited in London, Brighton and the […]

23.02 2016

Designer Eun Kyoung Lee revealed her Free Hug Sofa for the A’ Design Awards. The project is quite original since it has two arms to hug you. No need to use blanket, it will keep you safe and warm and will allow you to lay down in different positions. Available in different colors.


Vertical Miniature Worlds

Amsterdam-based art director and designer Rosa de Jong creates tiny sculptures featuring miniature worlds in vertical glass tubes for the ongoing project ‘Micro Matter‘. The artworks are made from a combination of cardboard and natural objects, such as small rocks and tree bark. In a statement about her work, the designer says: “The most important thing […]


Handbags Made from LEGO

Poland-based Agabag have set about to change that with their huge array of handbags and jewelry encased in official LEGO bricks using the iconic plastic bricks to build some completely original bags – from chunky clutches, to purses and wallets. They have shops both on their website as well as on Etsy.

20.01 2016

Sitskie Design Studio is a Los Angeles-based studio and purveyor of fine handmade furniture. All the pieces are handcrafted in Los Angeles using local artisans and sustainable materials. Sitskie is most known for their ‘Block’ seating, a contemporary wood collection. The selling point of the line, however, is not fully realized until you take a seat. […]


Dinosaur Egg

What starts out as a simple round candle becomes a dinosaur emerging from bubbling hot wax as the wick burns. The nearly six-inch product comes with the helpful disclaimer: “Sometimes life doesn’t find a way. Dinosaurs are 100% extinct.” The eggs aren’t on sale yet, but you can pre-order one now for $45.39.

18.01 2016

Since 2011, Japanese art director and designer Tatsuya Tanaka has been creating playful and intricate miniature dioramas as part of his ‘miniature calendar‘ project. Tanaka places delicate and tiny figurines with real, life-size objects. He has been able to create impressive and creative backgrounds and settings using these everyday objects.