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31.05 2016

Okuda San Miguel’s playful graphic style pairs perfectly with the location of his newest murals which run along the exterior walls of a children’s kindergarten in Arcugnano, Italy. Bold geometric patterns and colorful symbols of the local culture emerge from his distinct street style. Completed for the third edition of the Art in the Streets […]

27.05 2016

Every portrait of Soey Milk has a story told about the subject and is actually a fairy tale, who is always a fascinating, stunning but solitary woman, dressed in a modern and alternative way, wearing unusual stuff or surprising anatomic details.

25.05 2016

Said Dagdeviren is a designer from Istanbul, Turkey and he created a stunning series using cinemagraphs and Double Exposure on representing animals in their wild life and how humans have throwned them into disorder. Powerful message.


Led Mushroom Lights

Japanese designer Yukio Takano created a set o lamps perfect for every mushroom lover. The Great Mushrooming series are lights using LEDs embedded in synthetic mushrooms that at a quick glance are passable for the real thing. Each light kit is complete with beautiful packaging, battery packs embedded in the base of the wood, and nifty retro on/off switches.

24.05 2016

The world is a more colorful place thanks to Okuda San Miguel . The Madrid-based artist transforms everyday spaces into breathtaking, vibrant environments that completely altering our relationship to them. Recently he took over an entire building in Hong Kong, a dull and depressing space, and transformed it into a massive work of kaleidoscopic art […]

20.05 2016

German photographer Dirk Weyer takes us deep underwater to discover the fascinating world of Jellyfish. Titled “Medusa”, the series portray these striking luminescent creatures floating in the dark abyss.

20.05 2016

Patagonia Dreaming is one the last places visited by this talented photographer  Andy Lee definetely knows how to take a picture of the most beautiful places on earth. We’ve just seen his previous series from Iceland as well as Pembrokeshire landscapes and there he is, with his new majestic photos from his latest journey.

17.05 2016

Photographer Andy Yeung launched a DJI Phantom 3 from Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong to capture the city at night while covered in mist. Yeung said he was inspired by a similar project of the city photographed during the day, and was intrigued to see how he could present the city lights at night as they illuminated […]


Customizable Transparent Chair

South Korean industrial designer Sohyun Yun has created a chair that can change as often as your mood. Called Layer, this innovative seat is made out of clear acrylic and has an entirely see-through structure. Thanks to its clever construction, the “blank canvas” is completely customizable, with empty space in its back and base. Here, you […]

16.05 2016

Environmental activists from Robin Hood asked CGI artists from Illusion to imagine visuals to illustrate that destroy nature is to destroy life. An impactful result thanks to a set of double exposure images that perfectly highlights the message of the campaign and the urgency of the situation. An impressive campaign led by agency Grabarz & […]