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29.02 2016

American fine art photographer Zack Seckler shot a series of abstract aerial landscapes of Iceland from a plane built by the pilot himself. As before, heoffers a different, almost magical view of the much-photographed iconic African landscapes we have come to know.


Canada’s coziest ice fishing huts

As with any fishing trip, trolling the Great White North for char, smelt and salmon requires a pole, bait and enough beer to keep your buddies in good spirits. But given the potential for -40° temperatures and howling winds, Canadian anglers insist on shelter, too. Toronto architectural photographer Richard Johnson turned his lens toward the makeshift homesteads. “All the […]


crocheted sardines

Kate Jenkins is a knitting genius. Famous for her unique crocheted food, Kate takes a nostalgic look at everyday items, re-invented in wool and yarn with wry, comic touches. Apart from classical deisgn she also ceates unusual stuffs like playful crocheted sushi plates, colorful shrimps canapés and sardines. She has exhibited in London, Brighton and the […]

23.02 2016

Designer Eun Kyoung Lee revealed her Free Hug Sofa for the A’ Design Awards. The project is quite original since it has two arms to hug you. No need to use blanket, it will keep you safe and warm and will allow you to lay down in different positions. Available in different colors.

22.02 2016

Portuguese photographer Andre Vicente Goncalves has always been obsessed with windows and how a simple strip of glass can make people feel safer, more secure. There is also something intriguing to him about the style of windows, which have grown considerably since the first “hole in the wall” that passed as a window. Goncalves decided […]

22.02 2016

Photographers Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg (of Ann Street Studio) are highly skilles in creating living moments known as cinemagraphs. They started their story in 2011, when the artistic duo created their very first cinemagraph and, since then, they’ve worked with clients such as Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Volvo, Giorgio Armani. They describe their invention as a “living […]


Vertical Miniature Worlds

Amsterdam-based art director and designer Rosa de Jong creates tiny sculptures featuring miniature worlds in vertical glass tubes for the ongoing project ‘Micro Matter‘. The artworks are made from a combination of cardboard and natural objects, such as small rocks and tree bark. In a statement about her work, the designer says: “The most important thing […]

03.02 2016

Polish photographer and filmmaker Weronika Izdebska, also known as ovors, captures melancholic yet serene sceneries in her work. Lately she went on a road trip through Iceland and says about the journey: “I’ve always been drawn to the North since I can remember. Over the years, the quiet voice is becoming more definite and real. Surrounded […]

02.02 2016
Zrzut ekranu 2016-02-1 o 19.58.24

Maren Klemp is a  fine art photographer living and working in Oslo, Norway. Interested in self portraiture, black and white photography  with the use of vintage photographic equipment .Using both herself and her children as her subjects, her goal is to raise awareness of mental health through her work. “My goal is to raise awareness of mental health through […]

02.02 2016

Mihaela Noroc travels around the globe to photograph the diversity of natural feminine beauty in all kinds of environments and cultures. “I see myself like a very normal woman, with ups and downs. I work hard for my dream, and, by chance, this dream is very appreciated by mass media. But there are millions of […]