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Handbags Made from LEGO

Poland-based Agabag have set about to change that with their huge array of handbags and jewelry encased in official LEGO bricks using the iconic plastic bricks to build some completely original bags – from chunky clutches, to purses and wallets. They have shops both on their website as well as on Etsy.

20.01 2016

Sitskie Design Studio is a Los Angeles-based studio and purveyor of fine handmade furniture. All the pieces are handcrafted in Los Angeles using local artisans and sustainable materials. Sitskie is most known for their ‘Block’ seating, a contemporary wood collection. The selling point of the line, however, is not fully realized until you take a seat. […]


Dinosaur Egg

What starts out as a simple round candle becomes a dinosaur emerging from bubbling hot wax as the wick burns. The nearly six-inch product comes with the helpful disclaimer: “Sometimes life doesn’t find a way. Dinosaurs are 100% extinct.” The eggs aren’t on sale yet, but you can pre-order one now for $45.39.

18.01 2016

Since 2011, Japanese art director and designer Tatsuya Tanaka has been creating playful and intricate miniature dioramas as part of his ‘miniature calendar‘ project. Tanaka places delicate and tiny figurines with real, life-size objects. He has been able to create impressive and creative backgrounds and settings using these everyday objects.

18.01 2016

Six months ago, Pope Francis essentially dropped the microphone with his call for environmental justice, and now he’s at it again. This time, the Vatican wanted to create a spectacle. So, it used 50 projectors to display the faces of endangered and extinct animals on the front of St. Peter’s Basilica. The goal was to […]

12.01 2016

Sometimes, the natural landscape can bear an uncanny resemblance to creatures in the wild—one of these curious places is off the coast of Iceland. On the island of Heimaey, there is a rock formation that, from certain angles, looks like a massive elephant taking a drink out of the Atlantic ocean.

12.01 2016

The Chapel on the Hill is a small church conversion located near Middleton-in-Teesdale, England. The reconstruction by Evolution Design brought this old Chapel back to life and to allow for the transformation of this historic building into a contemporary country holiday home. This holiday home is available for rental via Airbnb.

07.01 2016

Artist Michael Pederson leaves clever little works of art around the city that seem to carry on a conversation with whomever happens to find them. From mock gallery placards to solemn proclamations his works of art are little bites of humor that will brighten your day. Pederson began his urban mischief in 2013, but not many of his works […]

05.01 2016

Nick Sullivan  is the fashion editor at Esquire Magazine, but his Instagram is loaded with these incredible past/present collages from New York and Paris including Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Cary Grant, Picasso, and many other iconic figures. via: photojojo

05.01 2016

The Common Office created Villa Altona in Sweden. The site is steep with a height difference of nine meters between the ground floor and the street level. The contrast between the suburban landscape to the south and the untouched forest to the north, gives the site its identity. The house creates a clear border between […]