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29.06 2015

Jim Bachor has started filling cracked asphalt with mosaics of ice cream for a project known as Treats in the Streets. Each piece perfectly blends in with the road, adding a delightful effect to a neglected and seemingly dull area. The best part is that these pieces will most likely last for a long time, since they are made of sturdy glass and durable marble.


mobile home

The tiny house movement is continuing to gain popularity as an alternative to buying more expensive and larger homes that require more maintenance. One of the latest designs is EcoCapsules, which brings the mobility of a tiny home to a new level. Designed by Nice Architects from Bratislava, Slovakia, the EcoCapsule is a portable unit powered by […]

24.06 2015

Roberta is an Italian freelance illustrator currently based in Helsinki, Finland. She has been drawing since she was born. She specialises in fashion and editorial illustrations. Roberta’s work features detailed pencil lines in contrast to broad watercolour brushstrokes. The unconventional combination creates a genuine vibe of emotion and femininity. Roberta is also proudly part of […]

23.06 2015

Peregrine Church created “rainworks”, street art that only appears when it rains. The Seattle-based artist uses a superhydrophobic coating that protects surfaces from water and other liquids. Church uses stencils to spray his artworks onto sidewalks and the pieces are temporary, lasting 4 months to a year depending on foot traffic and abrasion. The messages and artworks […]

23.06 2015

After staring at his drab office walls for nearly two years, Ben Brucker had enough. “One day I just got so tired of how sterile and boring our office felt, I thought I should do something about it” he explained.Brucker, who works at a creative agency, was not allowed to damage or alter the walls […]

22.06 2015

When Dutch illustrator and graphic designer Remko Heenskerk moved to New York City, he was inspired by the architecture—as many first-timers are. To pay homage, he created a series of iconic prints, featuring his favorite places. With vibrant colors and strong, clean lines, he captures the dynamism of the city’s many buildings and neighborhoods. via: Visual […]

22.06 2015

Berlin artist Kim Kwacz a.k.a Kim Köster presents his new work “Monzter”. Like in his internationally known art projects “99 rooms” and “Ana Somnia“, Kim blurs the boundaries of reality and fiction by transferring mural artwork into the digital world. “Monzter“ is a picture book for the iPad. It is Kim’s first work focusing on […]


tim jeffs

When it comes to art, Tim Jeffs loves three things: drawing, intricate detail and animals. The illustrator uses ink, pencil crayons and paint to bring his animal artworks to life. Jeffs explains: “Drawing has always been my passion and something I constantly do. I love detail. And the more complex, intricate the subject matter the […]

19.06 2015

When you leave for work, don’t worry about your pets getting bored—they’ve got a full day of shenanigans ahead of them, according to “The Secret Life of Pets”. The upcoming animated movie follows adorably rendered cats and dogs (plus at least one bird and possibly a fish) as they pass the time awaiting the return […]

17.06 2015

The choices we make often define who we are, but this isn’t always as serious as it sounds. Joao Rocha, an art director from Lisbon, Portugal, has created a fun Tumblr called ‘2 Kinds Of People’ featuring illustrations that reduce some of our quirks to simple everyday decisions. “There are only 2 kinds of people […]