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31.03 2015

HYLA Architects has renovated the interior of a 3 storeys-house in Singapore. The project is very well known for its amazing spiral staircase above the mini swimming pool and beautiful interiors full of  green plants. The house  seems to be really comfortable with nice minimalistic style and great spaces full of light and  interesting solutions.    


Flower Wall Trophies

If you enjoy the aesthetic appeal of animal antlers but hate the idea of taxidermy, Elkebana might be just the thing for your cabin walls. The wall-mounted system relies on symmetrical sets of flowers or tree branches and gets its name from ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement.

27.03 2015

iHeart, artist based in Vancouver is well known for his series of street composition in which each image examines our relationship with our contemporary reality including social media, cultural venets and our own emotions.

26.03 2015

Photographs by Alexandre Deschaumes are an example of exquisite mountain portraits revealing beauty and immensity of nature. Capturing the most beautiful landscapes in the world he manages to bring us into ethereal world of French Alps, Patagonia and Iceland.

25.03 2015

The name of the restaurant Hueso derives from the spanish word for ‘bone’ and this theme has been taken through everything from the interior decoration to the graphics. The space is kept in tones of white throughout with only the tables and chairs standing out in golden tones of timber. The restaurant is located in […]


Pop Up Furniture

Liddy Scheffknecht and Armin B. Wagner created this fun cardboard pop up furniture. It is made of giant cardboard of 94 x 275 x 200 cm in size and although the project is just a concept the idea seems to be quite interesting.

25.03 2015

Portuguese artist Bordalo II uses plastic sheeting, old tires, shingles, and tangles of electrical cable transforming it all into enormous various animal forms. As his Facebook page explains: Bordalo II presents us a figurative painting full of vivacity and movement, where he paints his own interpretation of urban landscapes and city entertainment. He’s exploring his own mixed media on wood […]


animal tissues holders

Sparkly Pony created a collection of original tissues holders. Representing animals such as dinosaur, rabbit, whale and an elephant they can be a nice addition to any interior, not only for children.  His products are to buy for 40$ each.  Simple and effective.  

23.03 2015

 dRMM‘s Sliding House project encompasses three separate buildings (house, garage, and guest annex), and was built with the intention for the owners to grow food, entertain, and enjoy the landscape from the structure.

19.03 2015

Little girl travels through beautiful imaginary world looking for her grandfather – that’s the basic scenario of new video game created by State of Play. The idea was to build the entire city  from cardboard, paper, string, LED lights and electric motors. The result is simply astonishing. “Lumino City” is original and exceptional with is cardboard style, […]