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Pixels in stiches

Pixels in stiches

Lafayette, Indiana mother and artist Jess of Pixels In Stitches creates pixelated versions of pop culture characters from television shows, movies, and video games in the form of cross-stitch patterns. ...
“Stranger Things” Fan Art

“Stranger Things” Fan Art

Stranger Things has been on everyone’s minds since its release on Netflix in July, and artists can’t help but show their appreciation for the show by creating beautiful interpretations of ...
iceland from above

iceland from above

American fine art photographer Zack Seckler shot a series of abstract aerial landscapes of Iceland from a plane built by the pilot himself. As before, heoffers a different, almost magical view of ...
Funny Signs Around City

Funny Signs Around City

Artist Michael Pederson leaves clever little works of art around the city that seem to carry on a conversation with whomever happens to find them. From mock gallery placards to solemn proclamations his works ...
„Whaddup  Fish!

„Whaddup Fish!

„Whaddup  Fish!” is a short animation movie happening below the sea surface. Created by Tomek Pilarski tells a story of a scientist who meets gorgeous flapjack octopus. Following his ...
23.01 2017

Francesco Camillo Giogino, a.k.a Millo, is an Italian street artist. His giant scale works appears on the walls of the countries he visits, from Thailand to Lithuania, passing by Austria, Spain or his mother land. This time, he shared his art in Chile with a giant fresco that reminds us the importance of protecting our planet […]


Expressive Origami Animals

Origami extraordinaire Gonzalo Garcia Calvo meticulously crafts expressive and imaginative paper creatures. Using only his hands and a single, square sheet of colorful paper, the Madrid-based artist brings the animal kingdom to life through intricate folds. via:MyModernMet

11.01 2017

Daisy Bernard has perfectly summarised the ridiculous and often contradictory expectations that women face every day. “Think like a man, act like a boss,” but when we do, we’re accused of being “too difficult” and told to change that approach. It’s obvious when it comes to things like work, relationships and sex, women are faced with dozens of mixed […]


Pixels in stiches

Lafayette, Indiana mother and artist Jess of Pixels In Stitches creates pixelated versions of pop culture characters from television shows, movies, and video games in the form of cross-stitch patterns. Under the needle: Harry Potter, Marvel, Breaking Bad, The Big Bang Theory or famous Disney cartoons.

09.01 2017

NEVERCREW is a duo of Swiss street artists composed by Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni. Recently, they presented new project called See Through/See Beyond as a part of festival St+Art India in New Delhi.

04.01 2017

By using both mirrors and neons, the Colombian artist Camilo Matiz created double meaning to his works. The messages initially created with light letters take a totally different meaning when reflected. The result is more realistic and less happy version of the first impression. Will you dare to take a look?

03.01 2017

The Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is the world’s largest salt flat, and a dream location for landscape photographers hunting for special shots. Russian photographer Daniel Kordan visited the salt flat at night and captured a set of photos showing the Milky Way being reflected by the flooded plain. via: PetaPixel


socks for artists

Where can you find fine art masters in one place? The Louvre? The Guggenheim? No, they’re right here in this unique gift box. Meet Andy Sock-Hole, Feetasso, Frida Callus and Vincent Van Toe. It’s the ideal birthday present for your creative friends and they’ll be drawn to these artistic designs. With four famous painters immortalised in […]

02.01 2017

Hajin Bae, also known as Soulist Aurora is a an illustrator, graphic designer and art director, living and working in Seoul, Korea: “My illustrations have two styles: Day and Night.

02.01 2017

Sean Yoro (Hula) typically paints in hard-to-reach locations, arrived at via his paddle board. The touching new short film What If You Fly, produced byThe North Face and Camp4Collective, takes us inside Yoro’s world as he embarks on one of his biggest challenges yet—painting in the Canadian Arctic. One of the artist’s main motivations for working […]