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26.10 2015

charming miniature museum


At first glance, these rooms appear as normal, everyday places. Only there is no way to live there unless you are a … really really small… All these are part of the Musée Miniature et Cinéma in Lyon, France, a five-story museum that contains over 100 hyperreal miniature film sets.

Created by miniaturist artist Dan Ohlmann, the charming Museum presents two rare and exclusive collections:
first, over 100 miniature scenes exquisitely crafted by world-renowned miniaturists and reproducing daily life settings with hyperrealism; second, a film exhibition, one-of-its-kind in Europe, that focuses on special effects techniques.From cabinetmaking to stringed instrument making, and from silversmith’s trade to leather craft, the varied skills of artists from all over the world are highlighted in the collection. Magnifying glasses allow visitors to study the intricate details of these exquisite creations.

miniature1 miniature3 miniature4 miniature5 miniature6 miniature7 miniature8 miniature11 miniature14 miniature15

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