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15.04 2015

surreal houses


German-based graphic designer Matthias Jung creates imaginative houses. These impossible buildings float in the air against the rules of gravity and seem to be a part of a beautiful, yest weird and impossibel dream. The artist himself calls his creations ‘architectural short poems’, that aim to visualize another perspective on how we could see the world and live in it. The homes are put together from photo material that he collects and re-arranges in unexpected ways.

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Matthias_Jung_Häuser_05Matthias_Jung_Häuser_04Matthias_Jung_Häuser_03Matthias_Jung_Häuser_02Matthias_Jung_Häuser_01 ZonenrandgebietMatthias-Jung-surreal-houses-Heiliges-LandMatthias_Jung_Häuser_07 Matthias_Jung_Häuser_06a

Matthias_Jung_Häuser_01 Matthias_Jung_Häuser_02Matthias_Jung_Häuser_03Matthias_Jung_Häuser_04Matthias_Jung_Häuser_05Matthias_Jung_Häuser_06a Matthias_Jung_Häuser_07 Matthias-Jung-surreal-houses-Heiliges-LandZonenrandgebiet

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